Learning simple ways to get more traffic to your website is a priority for all businesses. There are very few leads without traffic, but how can you get more visitors without spending a lot of money?
We all know what marketing is, but have you heard of inbound marketing?
I mean, you may be thinking, “what the heck is that?”
In this post, I will explain five killer ways to get more traffic that grow your brand. Don’t miss number 4, it’s outrageous!

Review Your On-Page SEO

If you’re not sure what On-Page SEO is, now is the time to find out. Page titles, meta descriptions, and keywords all make up what is On-Page SEO. If it’s not right, Google doesn’t know you. 

There are some great sites out there that can help. Uber Suggest from Neil Patel does a full Site Audit for you. 

Another great tool if your site is built on WordPress is RankMath. I know everyone uses Yoast SEO, and I have, too. Then I found Rank Math. You can’t have both (I tried, and it was a fail), so try one and then the other, and you decide. 

Be Social to Grow Your Brand

You can hope that people find the awesome content you’re putting up, but usually, that doesn’t work – you have to be proactive. Social media channels are one of the best ways to promote your content to grow your brand, and increase traffic to your website. For example, Twitter is excellent for short links that tempt even casual browsers. 

Platforms like YouTube or Pinterest generate a lot of traffic. Pinterest has excellent engagement rates — did you know that 66% of Pinterest users purchase after seeing a brand’s Pins. Instagram posts and short videos work miracles, and the newcomer Tiktok is exploding for content marketing. 

Be An Authority

To get people buzzed about your site, you need to set yourself up as an authority about your specific product category. You probably aren’t the only game in town to get your visitors’ attention to show them why you’re the better option. Let your content reveal your knowledge and expertise. Here are a few ideas:

  • Answer questions on social media
  • Post guides and tutorials
  • Host a webinar
  • Live tweet or stream important events

Inbound Marketing to Get More Traffic

Okay. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room—inbound marketing and how it will help you increase traffic to your website. Many businesses use teams to make calls to potential customers. These types of calls are cold calls, and as the name suggests, these potential customers know nothing about you, your business, or what you offer. The truth is, these calls are time-consuming, expensive, and result in very few customer acquisitions. 

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What if you could get high-quality leads to come to you? Already “warm” potential customers. People who already know your company and are interested in what you offer? 

This approach is called inbound marketing, and lets you do just that – bring the leads to you already aware of your products and their features. It’s outrageous!

So, what is the magic pixy dust that brings these high-quality warm leads to you? Content on your website that informs, engages, and relates information in a helpful way about what you offer. That takes your visitors through the timeline of:

Outrageous Copywriting/inbound-method-to get more traffic

How to Attract Visitors

An excellent way to get more traffic to grow your brand is by creating and publishing great content like blog articles, content offers, and social media — that provide value. What provides value?

Content that helps your visitor includes how-to’s, guides, tutorials on what your site offers, or that fall in your niche. Another way is to show how your products or services serve to help your visitor face challenges in their business or life. Include customer testimonials and details about promotions or discounts. 

Connect on a deeper level to attract your audience members through inbound marketing by optimizing this content with an SEO strategy

How to Engage Visitors

Grow your brand by communicating and dealing with leads and customers in a way that motivates them to desire building a long-term relationship with you. 

Specific engagement strategies can include how you handle and manage your communication and customer care. Be sure that you are always using solution-based selling instead of product-based selling. This method ensures all deals end in mutual benefits for customers and your business. In other words, you are giving value to your best-fit customers. 

How to Delight Your Customers

Inbound strategies that delight ensure customers are kept happy, satisfied, and supported long after they buy for the first time. Implementing useful chatbots and surveys to assist, support, and take feedback from customers is another excellent way to delight these people. 

A business that assists and supports customers in any situation, whether or not it gets any value out of it, is the true mark of an inbound strategy focused on delighting customers. Delighting customers is another excellent strategy to get more traffic. Happy customers refer their friends and that grows your brand even more.

Site Audit & Website Speed

There are many free tools to help website owners ensure their site is running smoothly. Website audits let you know where problems exist, which is critical to maintaining a good relationship with Google. Here is my shortlist of great ways to make sure your site is running smoothly.

Outrageous Copywriting/Rank Math to Get More Traffic

Grow Your Brand Today

Now you may be a busy business owner, but that doesn’t me you can’t have an active business blog. Outrageous Copy can help you get more traffic and grow your brand to get more leads and more conversions. 

When you are ready to move on to the next level, get in touch

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