Writing copy, whether it is a website page or a blog post, is a conversation with your visitor using conversion copywriting. The goal is always the same. Attract, Engage, Convert.

Copy that converts, follows a formula is called conversion copywriting and each part can be tested with your audience. Letting you know what resounds with your audience.

What is Conversion Copywriting?

While some may say that a picture is worth a thousand words that’s not quite true. the right words selectively picked and set in the correct way can be the most power-packed message you can send.

Of course, optimal CTA Placement and great UX are all significant. Still, its the words you write that will engage and convince your visitors to believe in your brand.

And this is where conversion copywriting separates from general copywriting. While both use words to connect and communicate, conversion copywriting is narrow in its focus.

No matter what the content is, the goal is the same. To elicit an action.

Conversion Copywriting

When people see the checkmark they at once understand it is the Nike brand.  In this 1991 ad, they also have their brand slogan “Just Do It” in all caps, which is Nike’s well-known slogan.

Just a few words, but power-packed.


So, now how will conversion copywriting help you? Learning how to put up the correct copy or hiring someone who can is a process. It may seem hard, but it can be done. What’s more, it’s vital to your business according to the Content Marketing Institute.

Number 1, Get to Know Your Audience

We know everyone says it, but what does it mean? There’s a huge difference in writing copy for business professionals vs retail customers. Who will buy your service or product?

If you have a reader base already built, send out a poll. Ask questions, what do they like about your website, what would they like to see and what do they hate. Open ended questions give you so much in return, it’s staggering.

Number 2, Write Clear Attention Grabbing Headlines

The truth is, the headline is like getting an 80 on a test. While that’s not a bad grade, it’s not necessarily going to get your visitor to read the entire page. According to most experts, even though 8 out of 10 people might read your headline, only 2 will read further and that depends on if your headline engaging was enough.

Headlines have a huge undertaking to carry out. Aside from convincing your reader to continue reading, headlines should drive search traffic and encourage person-to-person referrals.

Number 3, Strategize and Leverage by Using AIDA

There are many ways make sure your content is going to lead to the success of your website. Creative Conversion Copywriters are always looking to improve their results. Anyone can love writing and stringing words together, but the best copywriters are always working hard to improve their results.

One way to achieve your goals is to follow the AIDA Model. Whether you’re creating a blog post, or social media post the rules are the same.

AIDA is an acronym for:

A  –  Attract Attention

I   –  Trigger Interest

D –  Create a strong Desire

A –  Call to Action

This concept has been referred to before, if you’re successful in implementing them into your website there is no stopping you.

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Bonus Tip

The single most important lesson that we all learn in the area of conversion copywriting is their is no one rule for how to improve your conversion. We may all be wordsmiths, but conversion are based on the human factor. No audience is the same from one website to another.

No one can assure their work will return specific results. We might set up a split testing campaign today and get a 34% click-through rate. Whereas, even if we follow the same strategies your result may be different.


Using conversion copywriting helps improve results dramatically. While no one can guarantee what results will be returned, we can review your site and test until you get the results you’re looking for from your marketing.

We hope this post has been helpful, reach out with any questions, or to find out more about what we do.

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