According to InternetLive Stats there are 1,782,271,600 websites online right now. This number is continually changing and increasing by the moment! There are also over 600 million blogs, so it’s not shocking that a blog is bombing.

Many blogs fail at attracting, engaging, keep their audience’s interest and more. The question is why.

As I sat here today, planning this post, I wondered how many would read it. Every article is aimed at a moving target, so how many can actually hit the bullseye?

Why Your Blog is Bombing

We all want to know the root causes our blog is failing because a failing blog is a waste. A waste of time and, of course, a waste of resources until you can turn it around.

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Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

We all want to know the root causes our blog is bombing because a failing or bombing blog is a waste. A waste of time and, of course, a waste of resources until you can turn it around.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Why Your Blog is Bombing

Let’s talk about the possible reasons this could be happening:

  • Bad Keyword Selection & SEO
  • Poorly Written
  • Boring Web copy
  • Where’s the Data?
  • Poor Promotion

Still, beyond your blog bombing, how does this affect your business. I’m guessing your blog is tied to your business website and if the blog isn’t performing, how is the rest of your business doing?

1. Poor Keyword Selection

I started out writing personal blogs. Most of them didn’t have a significant following. Since moving into freelancing, content writing, and copywriting, there is one thing I have learned.

The Devil is in the Details.

What does that mean?

When you get serious about blogging or even decide to start a blog on your website, it is essential to research the shit out of everything. Keywords, topic, find references to data you want to include. Everything is critical, and when you skip any of them, the chances are high NO ONE WILL READ IT.

2. Poorly Written

Have you ever started reading an article or blog post and found grammatical errors? How did it make you feel?

Research shows most people stop reading right there. If you have Google Analytics on your site and you should, the bounce rate will reflect this. According to The Leverage Way, content that is hard to read or poorly written are two primary reasons people bounce from a page or a site.

If your blogs or web copy fall into this category that can be why your blog is bombing.

3. Boring Web Copy

There are many formulas for web copy available for anyone to review that can help make their web copy work for readers. Why do you need a formula?

The short answer is maybe you don’t.

Still, if you’re just beginning, or you’re not getting the results you’re looking for they can help.

We all remember copywriting lines that grabbed our attention.

Where’s the Data?

Data’s boring right? Still, when you plot your copy and include infographics of data in addition to text data points, it elevates your content and readers pay attention.

Link to a relevant source that validates your info and it’s even more powerful.

Yet, when just write about it, without this attention to the data, it falls flat.

Poor Social Media Promotion

The last part to build your audience is social media market. Whether your strategy includes paid promotions or you’re posting with out promotion, you should be present on social media.

More than just posting or promoting to your page or business account, you should be active in groups that are related to your business or product. By responding to posts as an expert, you gain brand authority. Besides if you are posting as your business page, people will begin to check out your page and from there you website.

Still, this must be consistent activity, not a set it and forget it type of activity.

What To Do If Your Blog is Bombing

Outrageous Copy knows that starting a business, even a digital one, comes with a lot of details. If you’re web copy or blog is bombing, we want you to know we can help. If you’re ready for a consultation, just complete this form. It’s that simple.

Or, just head over to schedule on our calendar. That’s simple, too.

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