When we start a business we believe we know what to say about it. Whether it’s to a customer or what’s on our website. Still, with the wrong words you could be driving customers away. Learning how to improve your website copy by using conversion copywriting is a good way to keep readers coming back.

It sounds good, but often when I first meet a client and bring up conversion copywriting, they don’t always no what it’s about. You know the look. You’ve seen it, too. 

Not everyone knows this jargon, and if you are one of them you’re in the right place.

Historically, we define copywriting as the art of raising awareness and selling products by using the right words and in the right order. Traditionally, copywriting has encompassed writing advertisements for Radio, TV, magazines, and out-of-home media. If you’re ready to lift your website to the next level, read on to learn about 5 brilliant conversion copywriting hacks that work.

Keep reading if ready to start improving your website to learn more about it. 

So, What is Conversion Copywriting?

“Copy is not written. Copy is assembled.” ~ Eugene Schwartz

The fact is the words we use are uber important. If the text doesn’t connect with the reader, you’ve lost them. This study known as “The Copy Machine Study is a great example. 

Today, a copywriter’s responsibilities aren’t as clear in the digital age and often include website writing, social media, blog, and using skills like conversion copywriting. Conversion copywriting is what helps your website attract visitors and increase conversions.

It takes content, uses the right words in the right way to attract, engage and delight your customers in a the we all want to be treated.

It narrows the focus to a singular goal to engage your read to take action in the moment.

How does conversion appear? To be honest, it takes several forms:

  •  Subscribing to a list or newsletter
  • Sharing an offer on social media
  • Making a phone call
  • Send an email
  • Click a button
  • Download a Whitepaper or Helpful PDF
  • Add a product to their online basket
  • Go to another page on your website

How does conversion copywriting help? There is a direct and specific relationship that exists between copy and conversion rates.

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Conversion copy, on landing pages or product descriptions, goes to better and increased conversion rates. Definitely an excellent way to improve your website. 

I find there are many ways to help improve conversion, but today I’m only going to talk about 6 of them. 

1. Be Human

You customer wants to know you. Who you are and what your story is and learn if they can believe and trust in your brand. So, talk to them like a human would. 

An excellent way to do this is picture your customer in your mind. 

  • How old are they?
  • Are they likely male or female
  • What are their likes or dislikes?
  • Have they bought from you before?
  • Are the a professional, freelancer or homemaker?
If you have records of purchases from your site, some times review those helps. Discuss with your teams from all departments. 
Once you know who your customer is, give them a name and be creative. Then when you are putting up a blog post or article direct it to them. 

2. Make It Easy to Read

Not everyone knows how to present information in the right way.  As a conversion copywriter I have learned this first hand. Conversion copywriting isn’t just telling people about your day. 

A wall of text turns many readers away and so does information that is too technical for a lay person to understand. Take a look at your website copy to see if this an area to be improved. 

Keep sentences short and to the point and tech jargon used sparingly so that even Suzy homemaker can understand. 

3. Be Subtle

Today’s buyer is smart. They probably have research a few sites before landing on yours. 

Going in for the hard sell isn’t the method they will respond to and more likely will send them on to the next site. Conversion copywriting helps you overcome these obstacles.

Being subtle is the method you want to use. Tell them how your product or service will help them. So, that when they do act, they think it’s their idea. 

4. Be Genuine

The goal is building trust here. Tell your reader about your struggles. Be honest about bad stuff as well as good. And when you’ve solved your problems, tell them the story of how. 

You can also reach out to your readers and ask their advise. In my book, this is a win-win.  

They’ll appreciate your honesty and feel that they are a part of the process. 

5. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

When you want readers to remember important points about your product or service it is essential to infuse your content articles, product descriptions and blogs with this information. When key points in your copy are seen repetitively, the more likely it is your reader will remember it. 

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6. Back It Up

Today’s buyer wants the data. Tall claims without substantiated facts fall flat. What’s more, your reader won’t trust you and when that happens they find another business with the same product or service that can back up what they are selling. It’s where conversion copywriting makes you shine.

Final Thoughts on How to Improve Website Copy

Get the copy that your readers love on your website to see a massive improvement in conversions. If conversion copywriting isn’t your thing, that’s OK. Check into our packages or get in touch!

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