According to Hubspot Websites that have Blogs Have a 13X Better Chance at ROI

So, Be Outrageous!

Outrageous Copy is dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs convert their website visitors and blog readers into customers.


Lori Imdad at Outrageous Copywriting

Meet Lori Imdad

I started my working life as a banker, then after my daughter came along worked in office administration which just wasn’t me. Then I moved into working with computers. Of course, that led to blogging. 

I’ve been writing content and blog posts since blogging first appeared on the scene.

I never really took it seriously when a journalist stole one of my blog posts and printed it in a newspaper, word-for-word. I probably should have though. Now, years later, I help small businesses grow their traffic so they can get more leads and more traffic.

If you asked me for my business card, I don’t know for sure what it would say. Some days, I’m a tech blogger and other days a conversion copywriter. One thing I know is that titles don’t matter, it’s what you do that’s important. 

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Articles sell newspapers, we’ve all heard it. They also can drive visitors to your website if they are done right, are optimized and relevant to your site.

Chances are you know already know a blog adds value to your website because you already have one. Do you have the time to be writing blog posts once a week, once a month, or even whenever you happen to remember?

  • Maybe you’re a one-person shop with no time for blogging
  • Maybe you used to have a Content Manager, and don’t have one now
  • Maybe you’re just floundering for a million little reasons

Introducing Outrageous B2B Copy: High-Quality Content Articles & Blog Posts

Do you need help writing website articles or blog posts?

The goal here is to provide you with well-written, conversion-focused copy for your website to help drive visitors there, and this is what Outrageous Copy does.

  • Every article and blog post is written using a proven method
  • Every article and blog post is well-researched
  • Every article and blog post is optimized

We do this so your time and money is saved.


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Traditional advertising methods are dying, so if you don’t adopt the current methods you will be left behind.

You already know how difficult it is for your biz dev team to get someone to agree to stay on the phone for 30 seconds so they can pitch them. No matter what tricks they use it’s a losing game. Not to mention maintaining a calling team is COSTLY.

Sales methods have changed. Dramatically.


  1. Consumers do their own product research. They don’t get sold.
  2. They they are immune to hard-sell advertising and just hate being buried in them.
  3. Most consumers ignore everything.

So, how do you get their attention?




The Solution is Simple

You don’t sell them.

You help them.

Using a method called Inbound Marketing and I’m here to help you start using it now.

Start ATTRACTING your audience.

Keep their INTEREST.

Then they will DESIRE more.

Leading them to take ACTION.

The formula is clear.


How does this put money in the bank?

It’s simple:


  1. I identify problems that your target customer has.
  2. The I write articles about them & publish them on your blog.
  3. These posts are promoted through your our email list and social media.
  4. Your customers find them, read them, then see you as an authority.
  5. They get curious about your solutions.
  6. They book & hop on a call with one of your account managers.
  7. Account managers have the easiest sell in the world because the lead already knows, likes and trusts you.

By doing this, cold calling becomes a thing of the past. The leads come to you. You’ll be booking meetings instead of making calls.



Want Help?

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The biggest problem is that most people don’t have time to write blog posts.

To be honest, you have other more important things to do.

Researching and writing a blog post takes time, and it needs someone who is actually skilled at writing. That’s me.


Want to Be Outrageous?

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